Your New Puppy offers puppies for sale in western Ohio, serving Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

      Your New Puppy, as you know it today, was started in September of 2006. The YNP kennel is located in rural west-central Ohio, situated on 17 acres, woods in the back to watch the deer, mostly pasture from the days of mini donkeys, Dexter cattle and Babydoll sheep and a 2 acre pond where two groups of Canadian Geese come every year to have their little ones.  YNP, along with the other private Ohio licensed breeders we now use, have been breeding family pets for over 10 years. Mark's passion for animals started when he was only 13 and a member of his local 4-H club breeding and showing rabbits and guinea pigs.

       To bring you a better selection and choice to fit your family's needs we have chosen to not specialize in any one or two breeds of dogs. Every breed has their benefit and every breed is right for the right person. Instead we have chosen to do a variety of breeds and mixes, all with their own unique personality and traits. The popularity of "designer mixes" has increased, mostly due to the request of the customer asking for more options regarding less shedding and more commonly allergy issues.  We have now come to specialize in "designer mixes" and boast the largest selection in the area, if not the state!  And while we do lean towards the smaller, companion pets, we do also have some larger breeds available.
       At the store level, the staff at YNP strives to educate prospective buyers before they make a purchase. This is done several ways, first you will find an info sheet on every puppy telling you about litter information, personality, basic care, and general traits. You will also find a numerical allergy scale to let you know if a pup will or will not be good for those of you with allergy issues. And of course the staffs general knowledge of dogs. We are here to answer your questions and encourage you to ask. We would rather you make a well informed decision than to make an emotional decision and regret it later. A pup that does not fit your family's needs is one that may get shuffled around from family to family and may sometimes end up in a shelter. The shelters have enough to deal with so please realize that buying a puppy will take a  commitment of time and patience on your part, think carefully, ask questions and choose carefully. After all, we want our kids to find their forever homes also.

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Buy any puppy and receive 15% off all your supplies and merchandise, excludes puppy food. Valid only at the time of your puppy purchase. No coupon necessary.  

Due to the shortage of newspapers at the store we will gladly accept your old newspapers, OUR PUPS WILL THANK YOU!!!